• “Dapedo” 2010: Marbel Mural

    The marble here is presented not as a clean and continuous object, as we are used to, but as a rich, vivid object that hides and reveals stories, has spacial substance and depth, it stands straight, it transforms itself in a work of art and it creates space.

  • Megaron

    Project for the new wing of the Athens Concert Hall (Megaro Moussikis) with inlaid geometrical patterns and inscriptions to decorate the main entrances and to define the use of the premises.

  • Thermae Platystomou Resort & Spa

    In a famous since the ancient Greece bath town, in a hotel whose spa facilities expand to 500sq.m., we used cuttings of special dimensions and specifications, as well as the waterjet technology for both technical reasons in the construction of the spa center and decorative reasons in the reception areas of the hotel.

  • Hotel Spa Montana

    Our collaboration with the famous hotel unit has lasted many years already. We have developed special constructions for almost all the areas of the hotel and we have used the waterjet technology for the spa (Turkish bath, swimming pool) and the dining and recreation areas.